Craft Jewellery Making

Tassels earrings


– The multi-colored tassels

Hook earrings



First, you put on just to needle and knotted again. Note select only the same color as the nipple tassels.

– Cut and knotted in the middle to form the nipple tassels only.

Step 3:
– You find the center of the knob tassels.
– Put the needle into the middle of this section.

Continue needle pierced nipple tassels on 2, 3, 4 to form 4 floors.
– To avoid being sprung, you must knot tassels at last ottoman knob.

Prepare crocheted earrings, choose note length enough to string tassels on her nipples.

Finally, you string hook earrings tassels on the top layer only.

So 4 floors tassels earrings perfected it!