Craft Decoration Flower making


Sunflower, sunflower, a piece of the sun on earth … In one of the ancient legends of the gods gave the people this Golden flower to their land, house and soul has never left the sun. It is no coincidence sunflower became a symbol of the sun, joy and optimism, as well as – faithfulness and dignity …

I wanted to make a sunflower. I did not think then that he represents and the role played in the world of painting. Just come up with this idea. Think – done. How to do – to invent on the fly.

If you liked my sunflower, I tell you how to do it. Since many had to reinvent itself, pictures will be different from sunflowers, dosnimali had missed the details.

For the production of sunflower, you will need:

• The wool or other yarn yellow;

• Yarn red or brown;

• Twine;

• Cups made of cardboard, one with a diameter of 11-12 cm; second 5.5-6 cm;

• Glue. For gluing the twine on cardboard I use PVA for gluing petals and seeds – adhesive type Titan (TITAN WILD, AXTON), but you can do one type, any.

• Watermelon seeds, now just for them expanse!

A few words about the seeds. I am doing those sunflowers that the photographs, in the past year, while the seeds were normal, large, and this from watermelon seeds is much less. It’s even better, sunflower there will be more similar to the present, a seed will take longer. In the photo from left to seed last year, to the right – this year, brown and black (they were caught only once, so I can not say which is better, I had only the big brown).

Merge circles together. Little need for greater rigidity, and also serves as a receptacle. In the photo with the starting materials already glued circles. Getting stick twine spirally, 1-1.5 cm portions, giving dry.

Seal the one side, gently go over the edge and go to the back side.

Finished pasting the two sides are moving to the next stage – sepals. They are made of twine in two ways: the individual petals and a rope, forming a spiral petals. I’m more like the second way, but that in general it does not matter. Twine hard, it supports more soft petals of the yarn.

Getting glue petals. First row – red or brown, 9 cm in one thread, the following series – yellow, petal consists of two threads. Photo of sunflower smaller, but the principle is the same.

When I glued yellow – basic – petals on them and will be discussed, I tried to thread carefully placed one inside the other.

It is easier to do if a little shorter than the other, like in the picture. To achieve this, I was cutting long string is not exactly in half, and 2-3 mm on the side of the middle. Therefore, the size of thread yellow 18: 2, i.e. 18 cm rarezat into two parts (slightly offset). I do not know how clearly explained. If you can not bother to take two strings and 9 cm on the petal.

he next series of petals of the same size, 18: 2 (or 9 cm), but is glued a little deeper (closer to the middle). Petals arranged in a checkerboard pattern, closing the gaps.

On this you can stop at the sunflower on the splash screen just two rows of petals.

If you want a flower a bit fancier, add another row of petals. Glued to it even closer to the middle length of the threads of 16: 2 (or 8 cm).

Can you compare the finished result: a sunflower on the right, so to speak, three-row, and in the middle – with two rows of yellow petals. Photos from the “small” of sunflowers, I do not have right now two different suspensions already gave away.

Begin filling the middle. Picture again, “small”, but the principle is the same, except that the seeds get more rows.

The first series covers the tips of the filaments. Clay is better to take the Titan, it is thick, it is possible to lay the seeds as it should, and in the end of the row to move or push as required.

Next, the second row, staggered, etc. to the center.

But I wanted to add another row outside. He left not a solid as seeds pasted into the gaps.

It remains to glue the loop on the back (I strengthened its top twine), and can be hung on the wall!

Here sunflower already on the wall.

The next time you talk about how to make a bouquet of sunflowers, there is its own peculiarities – stem, leaves …