Craft Weaving



I take 3 long tubes (conventional splice 2) and spread. If necessary to achieve a smooth weaving, the angles should be equal to 60 degrees. For larger diameter products can cross the 4 tubes (angle 45 degrees). The more tubes, the more ribs, and tighter weave. crossing locations can be glue.

I put the exact center of the shape and add another tube. It should address form so that they form an isosceles triangle.

I begin to bend the tubes, arranging them so that they form concerned. Direction until weaving – counterclockwise.

I try to skew angles between the tubes are the same.

I finish the first row.

The end of the first row.

The second row over the first weave, crisscrossing tubes to withstand the same angles.

To form is not the best move to weight it.

When the ends of the tubes will be short,

That they did not unwind – fastening a pin.

My form is narrowed at the top, so to this place and take out her to continue weaving without it. You can leave it inside if so intended.

Photo 15. Scourge further, gradually narrowing down the neck of a vase. For uniform narrowing of the tube is folded and placed closer to the center, trying to keep the same angle

When woven neck of the desired size, folded the last straw and I fill it under the tube of the lower row. The remaining ends cut off, leaving about half a centimeter.