Craft Decoration

Simply stunning coffee birdhouse

Please show the coffee-bird house from all sides.

Bottom view.

Bird on a perch.

Back view.

We need: a box of chocolates, paper towels, PVA glue, glue “Titan”, jute twine, the twine paper, coffee beans, burlap, the capsule in the form of eggs, a tennis ball, black acrylic paint, wire, toothpicks or skewers.

Take an empty box. I have this, but you can if you want to make by yourself.

Where to draw the window next to the house entrance.


And starting from the inside paste napkins on PVA.

When pasted inside completely close and seal the.

Paste paper towels on top. And leave to dry.

Take the cardboard out of my tights.

Make a cone is held together by a stapler. Then I wrapped the cone thread and glue on top of napkins.


Bottom cone also plastered with towels, but not until the end.

When everything is dry, paint the paint.

I paint one layer, as will the top to close burlap.

While the paint dries, prepare acorn (will hang from the bottom) and a tennis ball (it will be on top). Pierce through with an awl.
How to make acorn here

Skip the twine. I am pulling hook.

The paint is dry, kroim piece of burlap, which then wrap the house.

Front sticking these “patches”.

Sticking to the “Titan”.

So we paste completely.

Bottom pierce awl hole for attaching the acorn.

Twine pull hook.

And fixed to the end piece skewers, spread it “Titan” and gently pulls stepping inside.

Inside view. At the very end, we shall lay a nest on top of sisal.

Since coffee beans are fragile, acorn until paste. Close the bottom twine house.

The bottom is almost ready.

According to the diameter of the entrance shakes twine. No glue!

Like that. At the bottom of the house fringe of burlap.

Glue on the bottom of the cone-roof.

Getting paste roof

After several rows of coffee, do a few turns of twine.

Pieces of wire wrapped with twine.  on “Titan”.

And so glue on all four sides.

Top  twine.

Then coffee, cords, etc.

We reach the top and cut off the twine leaving a tail of about 10-15 cm. To sink to close the connection.

Our wreath in front of the coffee paste.

Something like this would look. Until the glue, we will still manipulate the roof fastening.

For the production of leaves do blank, albeit dried.

Acorn plastered with coffee.

Starting from jute twine glue curls.

Sticking coffee.

In the bottom row of coffee beans.

Making these flowers.

Overturn and paste it splits, top seed of coffee.

And wrapped with twine. Receive such tassels, flowers.

Bottom below the entrance hole to pierce perch.

For perch take a toothpick wrapped in the “Titan”, increasing the wire. wire wrapped to the end.

The result was a whip.

And twists are squiggles. It is not paste it.

Now we have to connect the roof of a tennis ball.

We connect.

Try on.

Flowers-tassels immediately pasted on the roof is not closed.

Mazhem “Titan” for the strength of the house faces the top.

We connect. We are waiting for the glue to dry.

And Twine is also attached as an acorn from the bottom, using skewers.

Ponytail twine wrapped joint.

Paste perch.

The edges of the holes pasted over coffee.

Finally glue wreath.

Leaves and tassels pulls at your discretion.

Here are Now More-buds tassels done.

And such.

Coiled tennis ball paste coffee.

Bottom coffee beans.

Now do the inhabitants of the house. Birds. Crumples in the form of drops of paper towels.

Wrapped tightly with thread.

Paste napkins on PVA. Dry them.

After drying paint. Cut off from a piece of burlap, so you can wrap our bird. Daubed bird “Titan”.

And so we wrap

Excess on the sides cut off. Twine showed that the cut will be closed wing.

Mazhem “Titan” and shakes wing.

So on both sides.

The tail of a paper making twine.

We start with the center.

Sticking around.

Top closes so.

On the wing circle paste these “feathers”.

Glue the beak of the coffee beans. Make the hole bottom for legs.

Glued wire and wrapped with twine.

It will be fixed so. First wire to perch, and the top is closed with twine. Eyes painted outline.

Two birdies. With painted eyes like. At the big birds Paste More and long feathers.

And finally DONE !!!