Craft Flower making

Simple flower making

On the ensuing spring you !!! Slowly begins to warm, melting snow, the birds sing, but I want to have more and more green color and flowers. To speed up the process a little bit, you can take the kids and create beauty on the windowsill or on a table and can give your family and friends. We really liked the effect, therefore hasten to share with you!

We found in the bins colored double-sided paper, or something like an office, but not cardboard.
Just need glue and scissors, ruler and pencil are not particularly useful.

You choose the color of the future flower and a piece of paper with flowers piled in half and got here are two stripes.

Take a striped one and cut it into small stripes, but not to the top, then we need this region to adhere to stalk. we left about 1 cm.

Then we need all these stripes twist in circles as in quilling, to the end that we have left.

Here is a rim we turned :))

We put aside our future flower and begin to manufacture the stem. We need a green paper in width, we got about 5 cm.
And begin to slowly twist from the edge diagonally to get a long tube, it will be our stalk.

Here is our stalk :)) we must drop of glue on the edge and fix our tube, so that it is not reversed.

Now take another piece of green paper, it will be the future leaves, put in and cut off the excess making the tips of the island, but leaving a small distance from the bottom as well as the yellow stripes, where we will apply the adhesive and that leaves not disintegrated into individual leaves.

Now we take our little head and stalk our flower 🙂
The yellow stripes can lubricate the glue along at once, and you can gradually as a twist on the stem, as anyone convenient. And slowly start to wind in a circle on the stalk, gently, taking care not to break, adjusting if necessary somewhere.

Similarly, we proceed with our leaves, we coat with glue and paste the flower in a circle, straightening and bending the leaves, so they are not stuck and create the effect of these leaves.

This is our flowers turned out! It can be of different colors, one may want to decorate as they wish, put in a bowl, or we give friends and relatives, and rejoice with them!
I hope you will come in handy this little guide and you will get pleasure from the manufacturer as well as we do !!!
Have a good day and mood!!!:))