Craft Decoration


Today I want to fulfill – tell you how I’m doing the sea on the bottles. So, I had a bottle of this to cut off sideways, I decided to show her.

First, do a reverse Рme it certainly Crimea (as does the reverse decoupage, probably, everyone knows I will not dwell on this including)  and grind the surface

On the prepared surface define the skyline.

Below the horizon put on a bottle of PVA glue and are putting on it the toilet paper so as to obtain a “wave” – the horizon is less than “the shore”

crushes toilet paper with glue, not large rollers and spread Mountains – from the horizon to the foreground.

After the “mountain” dried upstart to paint bottle.

Glue the trunk and branches of the future- of toilet paper.

From sponge is torn off small Рhere are the glue and glue them on Titan.

That’s what we do.

Tinted barrel and green acrylic paint.

We make “window” and the top of the bottle cord. We decorate the lower part

Here is what I got in – to twist