Craft Jewellery Making


A magical transformation of the economic ropes and other linen cords in the glamorous and wearable option

Would you like to try again?

To do this will come in handy any cords or ropes, hot glue, PVA glue, acrylic paint, and imagination

We are looking for an image …

Hot silicone adhesive anchoring the ends of the cord

We wait until the glue cools down …

Cord and trimmed at both ends so as to capture a small piece of adhesive.

Cut should be as straight as possible, as these further sections will be connected back to back

The most crucial moment – hot glue connect the cord into the ring. By the way, you do not forget to make this necessary crash test, in other words, check the size? And what do we do, and our bracelet with hand then will be dumped, or too small will be offensively same happens …

Did everything work out? COMBINE? Now thoroughly impregnated with our billet with white glue. When dry, you will not know its rope, will be strong and solid

Dry them with the use of forms

And when it dries, it was then possible to paint in these colors, well, just what your heart desires! Although gold, though silver. Full Metal illusion …

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