Craft Decoration

Pretty painted candlelery candlelight dinner course

Pretty painted chandlery candlelight dinner course
Young boys are more like to use the candle when the heart-shaped look, so it is very romantic atmosphere, but do not give girls too much pressure yo, Valentine’s Day or two people together to eat candle dinner More romantic, with their own paper to the simple candle decorated with such a beautiful look is not even better.

Main material:

  • Yarn paper, small candle, pearl decoration,
    Required tools:
    Printing tools, white latex,
    producing process:
    Step 1: first with a little bit of paper to wrap the edge of the candle

Step 2: Stick with glue

Step 3: Then the two colors of the paper stickers stick together

Step 4: This is done directly to make a large ring

Step 5: Punch into this drop shape

Step 6: Then we use the paper to make the pattern on the inside

Step 7: Use tools to create a pattern at a distance

Step 8: just like this to complete the production

Step 9: This is done, and then use white latex stick to the middle of the droplets can be

Step 10: Then put it on the edge of the candle and stick with it

Step 11: You can make another layer

Step 12: Then you can decorate with small pearls and the like

Step 13: This is the production of the candlestick is not more beautiful, you can play the imagination to produce a variety of beautiful candles yo.