Craft Weaving


With the onset of autumn weather began imperceptibly time to craft.
In just such a pillow made of shreds.

The principle is simple, many people know how to do it, if not,

1. Take pieces of tissue suitable for the size and color in your interior. Better to take a non-slippery and not rolling in it at times it makes it easier to process.

Fleece is ideal, bad jeans, satin upholstery proved terrible.

2. Choose a board the size you want.
On two opposite sides of the incision and through the cord is pulled.
The ends of the lock in any way.

3. The distance between the incisions of 1 cm and a depth of 1 cm.

4. sliced strips of cloth on the planned length, adding at least 10 cm.
Instead, I used the shuttle large safety pin. Conveniently! 🙂
And this way is passed through pre-cut strips of cloth strung cords.

5. It is important to each successive series of the press to the previous one so that the web density was flat.

6. When the fabric is ready, it is necessary to treat the edges.

To fix the lateral ends of their sometimes associated with each other, I does not come.
Without removing a cardboard box, I have sewn edging, thereby securing them together and hiding unnecessary details.

Well, that’s all 🙂 Show all trimmed edges.
On the reverse side made a plowed option.

PS The web becomes quite dense, I think this way, you can make and mats.

But be sure to use a dense, not rolling in the material.