Craft Sewing

Pillow – heart

Until the day of lovers, on February 14, not much left, it is necessary to have what to think, how to please, surprise your loved ones.

This cushion will be an original, romantic gift.

And such a gift would be very pleasant because it is handmade, such things are always highly appreciated by all!

Be original!

To work you will need:

1. 1 m. Krepsatina (with a width of 1.5 m.)
2. 1 m. Syntepon
3. 1 m. Calico (for cushion base)
4. Scissors
5. Yarn
6. Blind Lightning
7. Marker
8. line
9. Clamps
10 pins with heads
11. 2 sheets of drawing paper A2 format (template)
12. Hand-punch (or awl)

To begin paper grid of squares with a side of 3 cm.

We transfer circuit patterns, cut along the contour, departing 3 cm. From the main markup on each side.

Punches make holes in the tops of each segment. In the future, through these holes, we will put points on the fabric. This pattern is much easier to work, it applied only to the desired line.