Craft Decoration


Topic ideas for panels as large as the world of painting. I hope for their work chosen vegetable plot – orchids, these luxurious tropical flowers and amaze everyone. Together with her, let will raise in his fantasy eternally blossoming branch of orchids!

Materials Needed:
1. shells,
2. Cord (can be lighter wire)
3. frame with glass (I used a frame size of 30 * 45),
4. decorative ornaments for the flower core
5. The fabric for the base panels (preferably solid color velvet)
6 transparent glue (I used a construction adhesive and versatile second glue “moment”),
7. golden paint (I used regular nail polish).

Merge seashells in the shape of an orchid flower. To fix, you can use clothespins.

We cover decorative ornaments golden varnish. You can use the old unwanted jewelry or beads.

On the perimeter of the glass a thin layer of glue and glue velvet.

With the help of an adhesive join Flower heart with shells.

In the form of the future stem glue velvet cord.

Alternately glue orchid flowers along the cord. For the formation of small branches use the same cable.

After drying glue paste composition of the frame. Boxes ready to go!