Craft Decoration


Stand next to your court my product made in a mixed technique.Ya think the photos will understand the process of creating

She took a jar of the original forms and a box of juice (2 liters), cutting the latter to the desired size, joined together by means of adhesive tape, after marking up on the bank and the box seats for windows and .V box once carved. lot of papier-mâché of egg trays + PVA glue. And beginning this mass of paste your workpiece.

The box made shutters that later could put LED flashlight.

Now, after the main harvesting dried up, I made of polystyrene foam thickness of 2 cm cut out stand for the future. blank glue “Titan” to the base.

After drying, the weight of the workpiece has started the most interesting, is now directly create all the elements: windows, doors, shutters of salt dough … Everything else (trees, flowers) -Follow stage.

I form the roof under the “straw”, under the facade. I do blanks for the future of the fence and the arch.

Now the tube, the basis for which the foil + salt dough.

You can just prepare a “grass” and “track”

The door to the second floor with a small balcony.

When all the main elements of the house are glued and dried up, I had to paint (paint and any acrylic and gouache, and watercolor).And now proceed to the modeling of trees and.Testo does color.

It is advisable to use a colored dough because later it will be easier to paint without corrections.

When everything is ready, I take back the paint and now I start to paint every leaf, every flower, every twig and blade of grass at the right.A then coated with a spray.Vsё ready !!! Now, do not judge me harshly, but objectively !!!

This rosettes biggest not more than 5 mm.

A place for a LED flashlight.

There is a shop and …

… And well.