He got me on the Internet here such an unusual way to yarn dyeing.

And the color in this version I liked, too, would love a scarf tied myself)))

The woman’s clothes are always important elements have been and will stoles, scarves, and shawls. It seems that this ordinary accessory, but give your image of femininity stylishness, refinement, and elegance, or vice versa determination and creativity.

And when there is a choice for every taste and color, it is doubly nice.

But if you prefer to do things with their hands, and then begin to start almost from the beginning, from yarn dyeing.

1.First of all, we choose the colors of dye which will be painted.
2.Dissolve them in accordance with the instructions, pour into molds for ice and freeze.
3.Soak the hair with warm water and wring out, put in a glass (better) baking dish. Share on yarn color cubes with ice.
4.Author MK, yarn put in the sun for an hour and a half, and you can leave the house, until complete melting of the ice.
5.After the wrap container with cling film and put in the microwave or oven, ie, give a little warm.
6.After the yarn let cool, and then rinse with warm water, rinse the last time in the vinegar solution and dry.