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How to make very nice bow

Bow from a nylon tape. Take 5 meters tape width of 5 cm., Two needles and thread to fix the corners. The tape 8 cm wide. I do not advise to take, get a huge bows. Make the first petal – fold one end of the tape here in this – is the inner side of the petal. Next, fold the triangle in half.

You get here a little triangle. Angle №2 and fix the number 3.

You have to get the first petal.

Make the next tab. The resulting small . and we put the tape back in a big triangle.

Fold in half – turned one side of the second lobe. Each fix the resulting triangle corners №2 and №3.

Fold the ribbon in a triangle, and again in half – turns out the tab. And so to the end until the end tape.

Connect between the first and the last tab at the bottom and on top.

Push the crown and determine for themselves the height of the bow, fasten together the crown and bottom.