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How to make flower pots cactus from paper cores

Now you do not have to spend too much cost to purchase of expensive vase. Just take advantage of the old paper core and using a little ingenuity, you will have a flowerpot “well-executed” always.


– Core Paper

– Notice

– Tape

– Acrylic white, blue

– Pens brown

– Candies milk, foam brushes

– First, you notice the outer wrap paper core and fixed with tape. When you note sticky tape leaving a small hole on top to plug stem.

– You’ve just applied adhesive paste up notices on until you are satisfied with the shape of a cactus.
– Then you create 2 or 3 formed next to each other cacti. To change the tilt of the tree you can cut the first core paper.

– Next, you cut cardboard sheets pasted below the bottom of the paper to remove gravel core inside the plant to produce heavy falling tree while flowering arrangements.
– You painted white paint, let dry and then paint green paint onto the cactus coloring.

Finally, you use the pen brown dot dots on the edges of the trunk as prickly cactus that looks like the real thing.

Flowerpot cactus appropriate plug all kinds of flowers, though the flower is beautiful!

You just take advantage of the old paper core, just get a cactus shaped vase very artistic.