Craft Flower making

How to make beautiful paper flower

He thistle thorns, thistle spiny, thistle, burdock thorny, etc…
There are about 120 species of a thistle: this thistle spiny, sea, curled, drooping, artichoke (giant), dairy (milk thistle) and al.

To work need:
Paper green dense green Handi paper, paper flowers crystal (or plain crepe) green and pink (magenta). Napkin foil (or cotton pads). Wire two kinds thicker – for flowers and branches, thinner – for leaves. Glue. Floral tape.

Let us proceed.
From a piece of foil (you can use any other material, such as cotton pads, napkins, a piece of paper …) to mold the bulb diameter of about 1 to 1.5 cm. At the request size. I got a full-size, rather.

The bulb pierces the foil with scissors, glue drip into the hole is placed on the wire, plump presses. To not scroll, bend the wire in advance, as in the photo.

When using cotton pad is better to cheat on a wire, pre-lubricated disc glue. The halves of the disk are enough for a single flower.

Cut the cloth or paper towel into strips 1.5 – 2 cm, spread glue …

… And are wrapped each part of the bulb and stem future.

Then paste green crepe paper and leave it alone to dry.

For colors, I used paper for crystal colors. But you can do from any other suitable from your inventory.

Make a strip of paper measuring about 30 cm and a width of 2-2.5 cm. My paper width of 5 cm and I folded, simply cut it in half lengthwise.

Slightly stretch the paper, so it becomes smoother and Striga in its normal thin fringe.

Curl …

… Thickly smeared with glue and pushed onto the bulb.

Do the same with the others. Leave to dry.

Meanwhile, the green paper strip width of about 1.5 cm cut into a fringe so that the tips were obtained sharp.

Glue the flower in a circle, almost offsetting, reducing the number of each.

…like this…

Excess cut off. Let us also all the heads of the flowers.

Leaves. Theirs redrew directly from the monitor. Get three template different sizes. In any case, do two of each size leaf that was not enough)))))

So I put the paper and cut out the Handi.

Take a suitable thick paper, smeared with glue, we put a wire, glue to leaf.

Once dry, cut out the contour. Here I am just two cemented leaf, cut out the pattern.

All the leaves are cut.

Burst streaks. Animates whenever possible.))))

Cloth wrapped the stems, then a strip of green paper or teip tape. Immediately form a twig and leaves attach.

The final touch – the spines. We make them out of the green fringe.

Now in control, we bring something that I do not like to mind.

It remains to fluff flower heads.))) Fashion prichёsochki))))))))

Done! Now you can get out into the light, to see the world and be seen …)))

Here, together with a sprig of previous work.