Craft Decoration

lanterns hung windows sparkling simple

Are you looking for decorating ideas for your home? Why not try to do even a colorful lantern for our house alive, right?

– White Paper cover

– Paper colored glasses

– Cream

– Tools: knife, ruler, glue, pins

First, you print pattern of the tree lanterns (2) lantern lid and base (1) in the form of white paper.
– You can also print the form option lantern body (3) or (4) or design a separate form.

– Meticulously sculpted knife printed form with lid, body, and bottom of the lantern.

Next, fold the edges of paper folding grab the body, lid, bottom of the lantern.

– Then you cut colored cellophane paper and glued to the inside of the lamp body. You paste a color for each plate or coordinate with each other for many beautiful colors.

– Next, paste the body assembly 6 hexagonal lanterns with bottom plate lantern.

– You continue to paste the relatives assemble the lanterns together.

You paste the cover plate assembly lantern lamp body.

– Use ice needles stabbed 2 small round hole in the lid opposite to insert wire lanterns hanging straps do.

– Finally, you insert the ends into the two round holes zinc and bend as straps hanging lantern is finished. Similarly, you do lantern lamp body form (No. 3) and (4).

Colorful lanterns of our finished!

This way of doing lantern it’s not hard at all, right?

Add the LEDs inside the lantern more colorful.

You can create many different lantern form with height and different patterns too.