Craft Jewellery Making

HAIRBANDS FOR “HATS”.Simple making

Hello. I propose to make great rainbow hair – “Hats, baby.” Little fashionistas will like: bright and beautifully decorated.
Continues a series of hair ornaments in the form of hats.
This time for babies. Size 5 cm.

Each hat is decorated with bright beads, ribbons, small little animals, flowers, and feathers.

It can be worn with outfits of any color.

The same cap on the other side.

On the hat among the flowers absolutely tiny fairy.

Colored stones.

Materials for viscose, tapes, lids from bottles, compact, glue,

all kinds of beads / sequins / figures / pens, scissors.

Look what color palette viscose (this cloth for cleaning)

I really like this stuff, like felt.

What is a huge field for creativity: viscose can be used to sew toys,

jewelry, doll clothes, napkins, oven gloves, so you never know what else!
But back to the hats.

For hats must be made of the solid cut base diameter of 5 cm – it is the future of the field cap.

Of viscose (it we strap a hat) cut out two circles.

The smaller diameter of about 6 cm and a larger crown diameter of about 9 cm for fields.

The base and the material for processing by a cap cut, begin to sew.

Cappings prepared. I advise you to choose the cap with an oval edge,

they are more like a crown of the cap. The inscriptions on the covers through viscose not shine.

Mugs viscose sewed seam “forward needle”, contractible, inserted into the cover /.

We are ready to field cap and crown (top of the cap).

The crown glue using Melt the fields.

For decorative ribbons and select all kinds of beads/buttons / feathers.

I was decorated in the same colors, but you can dream up.

At first, I fitted a base crown thin yellow ribbon,

After pasted yellow pen, a few beads and rosettes of homemade tapes.

On the reverse side, sticking / sew. You can stick a hairpin-crocodile.

To use the green button of a (for some reason, green)

sequins, flowers, beads, green satin ribbon

This hat without feathers, but it looks no less beautiful.

Here a very simple decoration.

Success and all the best !!!