Craft Decoration Recycled products


Finally, I have a normal glass for brushes and pencils. Plastic cups and light flipped on the high brush. Use for this purpose a conventional floor-liter jar is not aesthetically pleasing. So I decided to make a steady tumbler for your favorite brushes./

To do this, I took a tin out of peas, pebbles, brought from the sea, glue-point, black acrylic spray paint, gold acrylic. Pebbles are well washed and dried. The cans open with a special key and get a neat edge. Bank also washed with detergent and dried.

On the tin can stuck on pebbles. Glued stages – stuck part pebble, Dried, then flip and paste again part of the banks. When pebbles glued, painted glass black acrylic spray paint. Just inside the bank to cover the paint.

According to the dried black ink, sponge struck gold acrylic. The sponge should be medium-dry to get the gold tide. Glass ready. It looks very solid.

I looked at him, and already new ideas are born. I love this state.