Craft Jewellery Making Recycled products


Before I now find an on the enamel of the tin is more interesting once came across – about the “precious stones” from a plastic bottle. Well, almost like the real thing

And they can decorate anything from clothing and jewelry to furniture and flower beds. Include imagination!

You will need:
1. Plastic bottle;
2. Any coating/paint an attractive shade (ideal variety of nail polishes, especially with small sparkles);
3. Cardboard;
4. Glue;
5. Scissors

Step 1

Cut on the “petals” at the bottom of a plastic bottle – they are in themselves beautiful oval and sufficient to resemble stone.

Step 2

Nail polish, paint or marker color to paint the plastic “tab” from the inside. So you get even “surround” color, but keep the surface shiny.

Step 3

“Stone” already looks attractive. But to make it easier to work with him on (for example, glued to the surface), it is better to add the “bottom”. To do this, cut two small cardboard piece. One simply fold repeatedly that it fills all the internal surface of a “stone”, and stick it on the inside. The second fragment is to follow the contours of your “Rhinestone”. Stick it on top, creating a “back”. On request, fill it with a marker or paint the same color.

Artificial stones are ready! Be creative: make them the color space of the night or melted gold, decorate their clothes or help make a stylish