Craft Decoration


We need fiberboard, newspaper tube, glue-TITAN, PVA glue, putty for wood, cereals, beans, beads i.t d.

still pictures and how to make
We determine the dimensions of.Po edge glue TITAN on 2gazetnye tubes.

Next, select any frame shape can be to experiment.

Newspaper tube, preferably, lacquer or stain paint to putty.

Newspaper tube, preferably, lacquer or stain paint to putty.

Nail painting is usually quick-buy mahogany or drain can be replaced stain.

Give the glue to dry thoroughly and go to. acrylic- (white)

Pre can add gouache or other dyes to impart the necessary background for future paintings.

After applying the putty naDVP, fork attaches appearance textured someone you do not want messing with the filler, it is possible to replace the wallpaper.

On the PVA glue, we put plastic balls marketing, pre-painted cars, aerosols (gold, silver) for kitchen paintings: cereals, pasta, etc.

This is my first frame to the kitchen.

At the end of the work must be covered with varnish all. give gloss and give additional strength.

To hang a picture on the back of strong rope glue cardboard to glue my TITAN. useful.