Craft Decoration

Flower vase by hand. African motifs

To get started, go to the.magazin, got hold of quite a long spool of linoleum, husband sawed off a piece of 70 cm. And bedplate of hardboard oval of any size.
And I started.
The impregnated tube impregnated wood in several layers on the outside and inside.

With this glue here, taped bedplate-foundation. Slightly shifted, so conceived.
Dala day to dry until it formed a strong bonding, hard as plastic.

Then dry shrinkage compensated filler added a little plaster, kneaded solution of water, add a little white glue. Everything is done randomly.
The solution is supposed to be quite thick. Roughly struck hands on the phone, as if it. The solution does not flow and dries for a long time. Excess wet cloth.

Then I began to form bundles, without waiting for the complete drying.
Done using a palette knife and a small kitchen knife. Dust was not, but it was a lot of debris.

Scraping the form of twisted ropes.
If you consider that I was doing it for the first time, the result was satisfying.
The roughness of the ropes does not plan.
Now already I think differently. And the idea is, how to do.

So I look on the outside edge of the tube.

Since the inside. Sushil long, for a week.

Then I cut out napkin motifs, an example of how I’m going to have them.
The third layer is separated from the motives stick on the right place for me.

Then, the same mixture has caused the volume to the desired place for me. And pasted on top of the second layer of tissue.

Smoothness is not sought.

Add to harness another, as it were, encircles the entire beam.
Plastered layers of strength white napkin folds and not cleaned, wanted to save some rudeness. As a result, all hid under the paint and varnish.

Under the theme of figures, the volume made using glue “Moment” for polystyrene. it is more ductile compared with putty.

Grounded only by motives. Then intervals between motives napkins with leopard pattern. Drowning out the brightness of acrylic
paints, paint over the ropes. Leaving only the vine. Fasten varnish. Caused by female figures on PVA craquelure.
It looks like the heat. Then, in a couple of gaps caused  753-754. Fine cracks. Reinstall the golden pigment. Lac. Then more  739-740 for large fissure damages. It turned the desired effect of depth.

It’s a cold porcelain, tinted green.

This for leaf vines. I do a variety of sizes.
Since  I do not have used such.

So did the leaves, using a pin trace the stencil.

I paint the trunk of vines in the desired color, pasted leaves without waiting for drying porcelain, from the bottom to the largest. Adding flagella and leaf petioles.
Paints and tinted leaves already pasted.

That just happened.

In this photo, you can see craquelure.

Something like that. Many processes are missing, there is no photo.
After all, during the operation, you can not always remember the time.

Few circuits did not stop, the figures have become brighter.

Inside, as he took a hand, ennobled.
Varnished to the bottom, using sticks with foam.