For the production of birds we will need to be colored paper, I  paper for pastels and colored office, glue, scissors and a lot of patience))))
First, you need to find a bird that you want to do is print it, cut out the contour of a bird.

So I made the head of half a napkin!


Then the whole of the back of napkins made,

And tummy, too, from the whole cloth

Then take the paper, choose the color and start to cut the feathers, I was cutting strips of 1 cm and gradually reduced width strips

Of these, get more feathers

Fold in half and our start cutting diagonally at the end of a little cutoff, to get a real feather. Svetlana Belova, you can also see how she was doing feathers

Here I photographed feathers

And here it is shown from large to small

Getting Started with tail stand,  somewhere to half big, sticking like rows, first the first and then the top of the second, and so impose

There do not comment, I think it is clear

Top start gluing the smallest feathers

Well, the body is ready, and then you can fantasize with eyes with beak, with wings

Here it babe!

Here is how I made the tail


Well, that’s my bird is ready,  her beak!

Here’s how pasted beak

Bird sitting in a bouquet of lilies!

All the success and good mood! “