Craft Embroidery


This workshop shows how to use the surface of Chinese art can be embroidered insanely beautiful and lush poppy. This flower can be used as an independent element, and you can embroider the entire composition, depending on the product and your creativity. If you want to relax and feel the calming effect of embroidery, then proceed to work.

For the embroidery, you will need:
thread (dark red, red, pink, yellow, green, black, light green)
a pen
We take as a basis the following figure. Prints the drawing on paper with a pen move it onto the fabric as chiffon transparent, the pattern is very easy to move.

Take the black thread and accepts embroidery base petal plain stitch, embroidery as shown in the photo.

Further, from the center embroider petal dark red thread.

After taking the red and pink thread and continue to embroider a poppy petal simple embroidery.

By the same principle, we undertake to embroider the second petal poppy.

After taking embroidering the lowermost petal poppy: embroider bottom petal dark red thread, and bend – red and pink thread. This takes into account that the direction of bending of the stitches to be opposite to a petal stitches.

Embroider black thread on the circumference midway poppy.

Then embroider the middle of a poppy yellow-green embroidery thread straight. See photos.

After embroidering the very core of a circle, as in the photo.

By the above procedure takes to embroider the remaining poppy petals.

After that, we start to embroider thread poppy leaves light green color.

poppy stalk embroiders stitch thread yellow-green color.

Leaves embroidery in two directions.

Embroider leaf bending.

Mack embroidered Chinese embroidery, is ready.