Craft Weaving

Doll pram of twine

Here’s what you need to work:
glue titanium
buttons for wheels
wrap from under me and cheese ball
ribbon lace flowers and stuff like that)))

little corners !! I cut pieces of twine and stuck in the corners of the floor arches, filling voids

like this

on the ball, smear glue directly to it without the film winding. winding up the middle (more photos with the ball is not .so as a child I constantly tried to lure))
Well, I think everything is clear.

like this has dried, tear off the tape

try on

coat with glue under the hemisphere

Circuits are doing from .luchshe of metal (not aluminum) and wrapped with twine

Here take.mozhno have any lace try

He wove a braid of three strands of twine. Hook did not, did not like her to go to bed

Tape off circle lace and braid

Cords for braids cut longer. when pigtail, the remaining two ends from the top of the closed braids, and the third …

the third here

so hot legs taped a gun, I think it is possible and titanium but wait a long time, and I’m not vterpёzhzh

the handle is also a gun taped

To cover up the glue from the gun, reeled around the twine has to titanium

buttons on the front reeled twine for beauty, on the other hand for practicality))) so that it was easier to stick.

and carriage on wheels))) crossbars arched slightly, as were a little longer, and to cut off not was)))) but I do so even more to like !!

and .shaped boxes Two Circuits white. between the paved lace, stitched on the machine and wrenched.  can paste in . !!

as long as you like, handle wrapped with satin ribbon in color, flowers, hearts, lace and
so on. I need to light green color