Craft Weaving


Cut the fabric strip to your template

Insert a tape with an awl or a needle in for inlay device

Pull the edge of the fingers
iron the strip of hot iron (gradually pulling it to the end),
I will put a tape of fusible material is

again iron the iron

Prepare template (the line at an angle of 45 degrees )

Attach the pattern to the mat, tape, strip and lay ironed temporarily attach them on the one hand, too sticky tape.
The band’s bond with a special glue, so that they did not move.
The first line of the weave

repeat the process. Make sure to match the pattern laid out strips. Cut the excess length.

After completely filling out the template, remove the masking tape. Leave woven piece of the night, so that the glue has dried for the adhesion. Sew what you want, you can the next day.