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Decorative flowers seamless fabric

Today I show you a special and very nice idea to decorate your home easily and with your own hands. Do you have a favorite web? Would you like to have an original detail in your room or room or decorate a special occasion ?? I show you how to make beautiful flowers of cloth and without giving a single stitch! Yes! It’s that simple! No sewing! It’s an idea I really enjoyed doing and I could not wait to share it with all of you! This new DIY conquers instantly!


  • Cotton fabric design, approximately 70 x 150 cm.
  • Sticks of sushi (2) or a round wooden stick about 8 cm in diameter, 1 meter.
  • 2 balls of telgopor or of about 6 or 7 cm in diameter.
  • Acrylic paint, in combination with fabric.
  • Scissors or zig-zag circular cutter with its cutting base.
  • Brush and pins.
  • Rule and pencil.
  • A small Phillip point screwdriver.
  • Craft glue or glue for decoupage.

For wooden sticks, you have two options. They will depend on what they have at home and the size of the container in which they are to be placed. I used some sushi sticks since it was a small vase. Otherwise, they can use a rod or round wood stick. They are usually achieved in a meter or more. The glue for this job can be the common glue for crafts, carpenter’s tail or tail for decoupage. Without further clarification, I show you how to make these precious fabric flowers!

To work it is not necessary that the fabric is ironed, you will be able to see it in the photograph Eur-lex.europa. our-lex.europa.euAs there are two flowers of different size, it is necessary to cut squares of two sizes. For this case, I cut squares of 6 x 6 cm and 4 x 4 cm in required quantity. I tell you this last one as it will depend on whether or not they use the telgopor balls of the size that I have suggested. Measured and mark the fabric. We cut all the pieces and prepare to assemble the flower. To do this, prepare a little bit of glue on a cap or small container, the screwdriver and the first ball of telgopor.

We take a piece of cloth, support the screwdriver in the center and wrap the fabric on the tip of it. Then, we passed the end of the screwdriver with the fabric by the tail and press on the ball of telgopor to be able to introduce the fabric. It will suffice with the tip of the screwdriver between about 5 millimeters. Do not make too much force, it is a task that requires patience !!!

We repeat the same with each of the remaining pieces of cloth. Between piece and piece of cloth should leave a distance of approximately 1 cm. Placing the tail is important so that the “petals” of the flower that we are making do not go away. We sucked until we almost covered the surface of the ball of telgopor. At that moment we have to stop for a minute and place a pin to mark where the stick will go to hold the flower (stem). Leave a generous surface around you so you do not have problems placing it.

Fabric flowers are taking shape! They saw how beautiful they are! It’s an adorable job to do them … Let the tail dry well before continuing to work with them.

We reserve them and take care of the “stems”. If they have the rod or pole of a meter, cut it in half. And we paint with the acrylic paint that we have chosen to combine with the design fabric. Let dry well and remove the pins from the balls of telgopor, but before doing so we move them in a circular way to enlarge the hole a little more and make it easier to place the wooden sticks. We put the queue in the end to the stick and we put it in the ball of telgopor. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

hey, do not look beautiful Eur-lex.europa..europa.euLook how they look!

When you have already dried the glue we just have to place them in a small vase or container and go! To decorate with them our favorite corner, the living room or our room for crafts!

I hope you liked the idea and can do it! If you want you can share it with me on Facebook! I wait for you!