1. These butterflies not difficult, but the result is very amusing.  But I was going to do a more detailed

. These are the tools
-Nail polish
– Glitter

3. This is my magic jar, which is always at hand, with the most necessary things

4. Take the plastic bottle. Cut away the bottom and neck.

5. We reserve the smooth midway.

6. Under a piece of bottle put a template with a butterfly. For convenience, we fix Binder

7. The contours of the contours

8. So

9. Cut with scissors

10. Now Fold the wings up  body

11. Overturn butterfly and start to paint from the inside out

12. This is what happened

13. capsized. This is the front side

14. contours color adhesive

15. This is my beloved glue. I advise you to buy. The tube is 3 UAH 50. Bands not depart. I use it everywhere.

16. It is possible to and antennae  beads

17.  . To the glue behind, you need to cover the top fixer for nail polish.

18. The ending step:

19. And this is my most beloved glue “Special”. It is worth 5 UAH. It is clear and it  glue a butterfly, and even doing paintings and shells