Craft Decoration


Making the console for shelves of plasterboard. The console is made of an available material – cardboard, decorated with decorative elements of cold porcelain, bronze colored acrylic paint … A great idea for those who love tinkering furniture with his own hands.

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So, to work we will need the following materials:

cardboard (cut out from it the desired shape for the future console), PVA glue, dragon, cold porcelain, bronze acrylic paint, white latex paint and plaster

We are putting our billet into a unitary structure by means of glue dragon can and others which you have

The preform  (in this embodiment, used finishing coat, remained after repair). Fillers breed with white glue. Here it is necessary to take into account that when the surface is dry, sanded it will be difficult, so try to put a layer of putty

Getting clearance console. All items of cold porcelain. Sticking to PVA

Give details dry well

Dried console paint white latex paint, give to dry and apply a layer on top of the bronze paint

These are two small, ready-made

My husband made this shelf itself plasterboard. And I decided to embellish this faceless attachment. The first console into place. Secured using putty

You’re just a little bit reconstruct itself shelf, add thickness and place the edge