Craft Sewing

Braided chair cushion

A handy as practical as the original. These woven fabric cushions are ideal for when we have small as they always end up cushions thrown around the house. With this idea not only remain in the chair always but also do not have sewing and are made by braiding the colored fabrics …

You need these materials:
A patchwork of colored fabrics, in this case, have been 5 colors.
Needle and thread for termination.

The length of the fabrics will depend on the size of your chair, and the width of each piece of bulking that you want the cushion to be. I think an ideal width measurement is 50 centimeters. As you can see it is beautiful and looks great. You can choose a color scheme suitable for the color of the chairs and the decoration of the home.

When they want to wash it, they have only to remove the knots that fix it to the base of the back and ready!

Let us now take the step by step to do so. It is a manual in which they have to respect each of the steps that are observed in detail in the photographs. You will see that the result is incredible!