Craft Flower making


So we do prepare twig (wire, wrapped with corrugated paper and funnel of 0.5 rolls strips 3mm. Wide)
still, leaves cut out in three sizes (corrugation. Paper glued twice) and small sepals (gofr.bumaga in one layer)

Paper glue twice, after drying iron. pattern (1/4 circle with five “teeth”) detail.their “, spin the teeth, whereby a circular shape of a bell to attach nozzle.stamens: cut fence (white gofr.bumaga in a single layer), divide by three pieces of cloves, twist the base and teeth arches.

Here we are ready to build the flower: stamens themselves bells, sepals, leaves and twigs from the craters. All stages are shown in the photo. And another point: for the tight buds of blue paper curl arbitrarily

And here is the finished branch: