Craft Embroidery


Technique – embroidery stitch, is not complicated. You do not need a special fabric, you can embroider any. Beautifully will look at the tablecloths, panels. You can make three-dimensional flowers in this art for decoration.

Draw a pattern on the fabric with chalk. Pick the color of thread floss and start to embroider.

First, perform basic longitudinal stitches

Then, the intertwining of the basics:

In the same manner the following pitch embroider

The center of the flower embroidered French knots:

VOLUME FLOWER. To embroider in the same technique. Difference is that SRI basis not sutured to the tissues, their fixed with pins.

WITH PINS RAISE ONE thread through and pull the cross-THREAD.

Likewise embroider AND OTHER PETALS

embroidered Flower