Craft Decoration Recycled products


Here is another wonderful what can be done from the fact that people usually throw away.

So, the wind music of bamboo! The magical talisman, which will undoubtedly be the highlight of your interior

Like? Then proceed. First we  it

those. Any cardboard tubes, bushings, or something like that. I find a similar material can be fairly easy, it is worth to look at the hardware store

Cut the tube into segments of varying length, with note, one cut must be held at an angle. Drilled from a direct cut two holes for subsequent attachment. Number of tubes everyone can prodobrat individually and advanced amateurs exotics – in accordance with feng shui

Wallpapers workpiece several layers of paper. After that, to mimic the nodal structure of bamboo glue rings of cord, which also cover the paper layer

The next stage – putty

After drying oshkurivaem all surfaces

And now – creativity in its purest form. We begin to paint the future stems of various shades of acrylic paint, achieving the widest possible view of the similarity with natural bamboo surface

Darker select nodes

While our bamboo is dried, we prepare the mounting designs

For this we need two plastic, wooden or metal rings of different diameter and several meters cord

This shows that the rings are braided cord in macrame technique, but if you are not satisfied with this technique, you can use any other option hicle assembly

What matters is that the result will satisfy