Craft Decoration


For work, we need to:

1. The volume of 1-liter bucket from under the PVA glue, or mayonnaise.
Fabric 2.
3 Scissors.
4 Ruler and a pencil or pen.
5 Clay TITAN, PVA glue.
6 Cardboard.
7 Plastic big spoon or wooden.
8 Disposable cutlery, spoons, and teaspoons for coffee.
9 Children’s bucket.
10 Plastic beads.
11 Enamel spray-versatile, fast-drying white matt.
12 Lac – spray.
12. Design from a knife for cutting.

This plastic buckets of PVA glue (which I have gathered a lot and throw a pity), will create one box.

Buckets Cut lengthwise into two equal parts. Cut easier and smoother from the hole, where the inserted ducky (pen) and the bucket to the hole on the opposite side.

We make the future form of boxes of five halves and can be of three or four, but five beautiful.

At the top of the bucket cut off the speaker bezel, to which cover dressing (The material from which made buckets, soft and supple, well-cut with scissors).

On one-half of the bucket rim cut off, cut off the bottom on the other, it is useful to us when you make the cover box.

We measure the outside and inside of the halves and cut into the size for these tissues. On the one hand, the fabric Apply glue TITAN, evenly distributing the glue over the entire surface of the fabric. Neatly take and putting a missed side to the outer part, pulling and pasting.

On the outside and inside of the halves is already glued and well-dried tissue.

Mix the putty and PVA + brush apply the mixture on the surface of the fabric is only the inside, dry them, skins sandpaper.

Take a sheet of dense on it will be the smooth and beautiful frame of the box halves. We trace the outline of the bottom halves, find the middle of the part, from the middle of conducting a perpendicular line.

Component and draw out a pencil arrangement halves on the cardboard.


The bottom is glued, close the gap formed between the halves when they are connected. This plastic oval-shaped corners (their throwing renovated). I did not know where and when they are useful to me, but the instinct of the hamster quickly load. Cut 5 pieces for the outer and 5 to the inside of the box.

The size of the cut strips torn off the cloth, coat with glue TITAN applied to the convex portion, bending edge into the tissue.


Then glued to the inside.

And you can cut strips from thin cardboard from a box of chocolates or cut into strips of twine, glue.

Shpatlyuem, dry them, skins sandpaper.

Shpaklyuem outer part of the wall, dry them, the hard way.

In such as a rim on the children’s bucket.

The size and shape are ideal.

Liberally apply the adhesive on the rim of the bucket TITAN.

Take the area of fabric and attached to the rim of the bucket, pressing well.

Outlines the handle from the inside space of the tissue section.

The fabric is folded and at defined contours, cut off the excess.

Overturn bucket and draws the cutoff line.

On glued fabric Apply glue TITAN and spread another layer of fabric. The second time is attached quickly and easily.

After drying, remove from the bucket. And so, we have obtained five half-rims ovals for the upper edges of the box.

Glue, dry them, the hard way.

Making just such a cover for caskets.

Take a sheet of dense, turn over the body box, put on the board delineates the contour, cut out.

On cardboard carved find the middle line is drawn (they need us in the future). We put in the middle of the lid of pastry cream or any suitable cover delineating and cut a hole.

The amount of the future cover the circumference should be slightly smaller than the top of the housing box. Here you can see how much has to be the difference.

The amount of the future cover the circumference should be slightly smaller than the top of the housing box. Here you can see how much has to be the difference.

Houses found a broken large plastic spoon, she will be the basis for the papier-mache fabric. Cut the tissue from two spoons. On the fabric form, a spoon with one hand TITAN Apply glue is applied to the adhesive side of a spoon, pulls, smoothing wrinkles, apply a second missed glue fabric form, dry them. There is a food film, but it is better not are wrapped plastic spoon, will only interfere.

After drying, gradually turn down a first edge of the fabric.

Papier-mache of tissue removed with a spoon.

In the inner part of the adhesive is not yet completely dried up, give time to dry.

The dried paper mache dress on a plastic spoon, compressing the edges inward.

Apply the mixture with a brush putty + PVA dries them.

After drying the skins sandpaper.

Try on.

From these spoons make the cover starting boxes.

Try on all the spoons and cut away the parts of the spoons, which are superimposed on one another.

On the verge of a compound glue, fixing and connecting spoon fabric strips.

As it turns out from the back side. Sizing junction fabric strips.

Try on, glued out of 5 spoons, ready to cover.

On the cut halves of the bottom cans glue strips of cardboard.

Cut away the excess and let us stick to the cover on the inside.

Wallpapers cloth, securing and strengthening the edge. Coat with glue and impose the tissue compressing good to exact cloth stuck.

Cut away excess fabric.

It should work.

Skins, cover with thick white glue, dry them.

The reverse side after the putty, sanding, and impregnation thick with white glue.

This iron piece from the mixer to paste over with a cloth.

Here is the connection piece, it is between the wall and the faucet body. (I do not know what it’s called correctly).

Pour into each spoon glue TITAN and pour on top of the sifted paper crumb (Paper egg trays soaked in hot water, grind, press, dry them, the dried paper crumb pour thick PVA glue, a good wipe the crumbs and glue between your hands, put to dry, sift through a colander).

Take a plastic disposable tableware, tea, coffee spoons, pens chips, papered fabric itself spoon.

Fold the edge of the fabric inside.

From pasted cloth, tea and coffee spoons make up the flower and flower bud. Before pasting some cloth spoon heated over fire candles and bent at the top of the “petals”.

Flower bud and ready. And the leaves do so: from narrow strips of cloth, missed glue TITAN, twist the thin sausage, cut and glue the frame of leaf veins. Then apply on the one hand on a piece of fabric (the length equal to the length of the next sheet) TITAN glue, put the frame veins, cover the top cloth missed more adhesive and presses his palm, finger draws the intervals between the veins.

This wealth of plastic beads and beads gave me a niece. Beads strung on a double strand, and small beads and beads glued on the spoon.

On the edge of the glue strand of beads.

On the table cloth and pasted teaspoons of glue is applied to titanium and pour on top of beads and small beads, pressing her fingers into glue, dry them.

Bead was not enough, complement sliced pieces of the soft plastic funnel for water (residues from previous work).

So it turns out the inside of the lid. Glued five tablespoons.

The top of the lid.

Handles coffee spoons Wallpapers cloth.

Glue tablespoons of coffee spoons and pens.

The bottom three glued teaspoon.