Craft Recycled products


For the work we need to:
– water pipe;
– Nylon stockings;
– PVA glue;
– Brush;
– Nylon barley and millet;
– A computer disk;
– Millet;
– Acrylic paint;
– Enamel gold.

First, you need to saw the tube into three parts. All three parts have to be of different heights. And you need a little obliquely cut top.
For the decoration of the pipes, we need nylon stockings and PVA glue.
Stocking thoroughly impregnate with white glue and pull on one pipe, while twisting and thus giving a relief pattern. Another pipe decorates well, leaving the middle of a blank. The third bottle entirely decorates nylon stockings.
Now we wait for the glue to dry. Then you need to fill the empty midway. Take the pearl barley and thick PVA glue. Liberally apply the adhesive to the pipe and pour on top of pearl barley (possible buckwheat or rice). We leave to dry. After the adhesive has dried grains, you will again miss the mark with diluted white glue all the pipes, fixing nylon and cereal for added strength.
After drying, all three tubes paint the black acrylic paint. Paint goes on a lot. Carefully paint over everything.
Then glue the tube together thick with white glue. To the product was stable, it is necessary to attach the bedplate. For this, I chose a conventional computer disk. Glue the disc on PVA glue to the pipe and give good dry.
Then you need to decorate the disc. Coat with thick with white glue and pour millet grits. Once dry, paint the black acrylic paint. We try to paint over all good.
Just pay attention to the neck. To hide the transition stocking on the chimney should be good to paint over or sprinkle semolina in the PVA.
For stability in a vase sketch out small stones, which can gather up the street.
Now we have to give our vase shine. Take a semi-dry sponge and causes gold enamel on protruding parts. And this is our bowl of the water pipe is ready. And do not even say that this vase is made of a simple water pipe. Sometimes the imagination leads to an interesting work. All success in your work!