Craft Decoration


In each of our lives there are moments when you want to give or receive gifts, let small, but from the heart, made with his own hands, with particles of warmth and love. So I made a tree from nothing.

We need wire, wool thread (you can use yarn “grass”), gypsum (or plaster), lacquer furniture and decorative objects (stones, shells, beads).

1. The wire was cut into pieces 25-30 cm. Take one leg and bend in half. The tip of the yarn tying at the crease. The resulting element, put two fingers on his left hand and make 10 loops around the fingers, spending each turn between the wire. We connect, twist the wire along approximately 2-3 cm, cut the thread. Then we share the “tails” of the wire and act similarly. We turned a twig with three balls. On request, they can do more. 2. For the production of the branches must be connected together three twigs. Spring, consisting of four balls and a branch of the three branches collected is shown in the photo. Such branches should be done no more than 2-3 units. At the top of the tree branches less bulky than the bottom. Then take a thread and trunk color, wrap the wire. Balls of thread can be cut immediately after the winding branches, but it is better to do it to complete the work. 3. The barrel is better to take the wire thickness. Fold it in a few times and give it shape. Roots make a better long to join them at the bottom of the basics, then they will be better to keep the tree. Join the trunk branch. Almost finished product winding thread. We follow a gradual thickening of the trunk. Primatyvaya branches, pay special attention to the connection co barrel – this place needs thickening. 4. It remains only to set the tree in the gypsum-based. To do this 2 – 3 tablespoons of gypsum mixed with water to a thick cream and put the mixture on the polyethylene. Top in the resulting cake is pushed a few stones, beads and shells. After 20-30 minutes, you need to remove the solidified gypsum with polyethylene, and “plant” a tree on it. Open the tree roots will have more time to cover the same plaster solution. The trunk and the base cover furniture varnish. Tree of yarn ready.