Craft Decoration


Today we turn ordinary clay pot into a means to enhance the mood.

We need the actual pot, napkins jaunty colors, acrylic paints, brushes, sponges, circuit ceramics, lacquer.

Acrylic paint with a sponge paint pot.

Make a decoupage. Napkin and glue carefully smoothed.

I have a pot large, it is not obtained without wrinkles, but for my ideas is even better.

Then take a structural paste and using a stiff brush creating relief on the rim of the pot.

Texture can create almost any kind. I like this happened.

Give dry (about 15-20 minutes) and paint brown paint and a side tray.

To color “played”, add to the basic brown paint slightly golden or bronze pigment (in my case, and that, and another). And sponge gently easily applied to the rim and the tray.

Something I wanted to do here is a bow. Can it be done in bright and colorful flowers.

For greater beauty interfere with the structural weight of the paint and on the same principle as that of a side, do in daisies. Dots stamens do loop ceramics.

Varnish – that’s all. Pot is ready! Bright and cheerful 🙂 It will remind you of warm Springtime.