Craft Sewing

Stands for hot “Sunflowers”

Today lesson stands for a hot fantasy sunflowers. And let the other colors sunflowers, yet the flowers themselves are recognizable. And they are bright and certainly will decorate the kitchen.

To work you will need fabric for the base (I velvet and dense curtain fabric), tight satin yellow color for the petals, half-woolen fabric for soft padding, yellow thread.

Satin fabric cuts into strips 6 cm wide.

Stripes folded in half and tucked the edge inside, sewn into the edge on the front side. You can sew a strip on the wrong side, then turn the strip and ironed. But longer and more complex, and especially the work will not affect the final result.

Long strips cut into short lengths of 12 cm.

For the center of the flower pattern, I used a plate diameter of 19 cm.

For a single flower from the main fabric cut out two circles. One – face. It should be right at the front of the cage rancher tit chalk or dry soap. Second round – wrong side, it is set aside.

Lined with a circle connect lined. For the padding, you can use padding polyester, or like me, thick and soft wool blend fabric. What color is it does not matter, because the color will not shine?

Quilted circle with lines, cut the excess fabric. Strips add up to the pitch. The petals can be round or triangular, experiment.

Petal pinned to the base so that it looked inside.

Can also be pinned variously overlap or so that they just touch each other.

Top cover with a second circle, facing inward.

Sewn on the perimeter, leaving a small hole for eversion.

Gently gut-wrenching, opening a hidden seam sutured.

The wrong side supports.

Be sure to try to make this simple in execution stand.

Ad Hoc loops to sew is not necessary: you can hang over any tab.

This flower is more than any other similar to the present.

This green “immature” midway.

For the petals, I specifically did not use tape or braid, since they are thin and poorly keep their shape.