Craft Quilling


On one flower it took 4 strips 0.5 x 30 cm (2 yellow and two green), 1 rose 1.5 X 30 cm Cut the fringe -. Take from a few slips so quickly. Merge in length two yellow and two green stripes.

We make a dense roll.Bram with yellow and green stripes – they are twisted in pairs – get mixed color midway

We squeezed out a small rounded cone and the middle of a thick glue PVA sizing

Glue and screw the back of the pink.Formiruem buds, first Bend fringe inside and then unfold the petals turn down the sides. Some stuff reserve buds, almost turning

That blossomed. The case for leaves

glue sepal

They took 4 strips, cut  strips 1.5 x 30 cm

First, did the workpiece – sketched realistically.Potom cut to 8 leaves in two sizes (5 and 4 cm in length) = total 16 pieces left

She put the workpiece in a damp cloth, and then on the rug mouse painted streaks NEpishuschey handle and attached form (do not laugh – plastic drumstick, because the stack has not).After drying the shape is maintained. It’s a secret

Sunflower Vase. Origami from the square size of 21 X21 cm.