Craft Decoration Jewellery Making


Good day to all! With great pleasure to present you a very nice rosettes, make that you will be able to chat today) need only go to the grocery store and buy eggs for dinner or baking, and be sure to buy the eggs in a cardboard egg tray, as it is out of it, you can create floral beauty of interior decoration) See a master class, and make sure that everything is easy. Good luck!

So we need to work:

  • cardboard egg tray
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint, or any other paint (I usually use a car spray-paint)
  • Melt with hot glue
  • wire, barbecue stick or any branches
  • green floral tape or strips of corrugated paper

Please note that our roses may be able to dispense with homemade leaves, they can be combined with any live branches