Craft Quilling

Quilling: Jute Bag

This casket I made of jute twine. Decorated with sequins, microbeads. Diameter 120 mm, the height of 65 mm.

  • plastic jar with a lid;
  • Jute twine;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • Paper quilling;
  • lacquer.
    I will show not only the box with quilling elements but also the other – a round shape. For this, we need a dense cardboard. It must match the circle is in the middle of the lid.

Cut a circle of cardboard.

Inflict on the cover small amounts of glue.

Glue our carton blank to the cover. We give dry. Bulk scissors or “smooths” cardboard edge. Doing it to cardboard and twine were at the same level when they will be joined together.

Here, the same principle. Glue is applied to the very lid and glue together the elements of quilling.

Apply the adhesive as shown in the photo.

Glue the twine to the cardboard and cover. Use your thumb to iron cord, so that it soaked with glue and glued to each other well.

Well! Our cover is ready! We give it to dry.

Beauty! Is not it?

Cover dry! Thin knife Carefully lifts our cap.

Back side.

At the bottom of the box to apply the adhesive PVA. Glue the twine (as pictured) .tak same as cardboard, give him a stick. When dry, glue the twine until the box is formed. The bottom of the box

I forgot to take pictures as I pulled the plastic jar from the box. Carefully detach the jar from the knife boxes (like motion as if you open a can of food). Then stir back and forth (in different directions) and keep all of the manipulations again until the jar is not pulled!

With this, I did not stand on ceremony, has broken her clippers. Do not feel sorry, it was cracked.

You can decorate to suit all tastes.

On board, he struck the ground and pasted cloth. Decorate circuit and microbeads.

Boxes covered by 2 times varnish.

boxes also quilling.

You can take a box of butterfly and open the lid.