Craft Decoration

Paper decorations: Butterfly

This composition looks like multicolored butterflies sat on pink branch and time stood still. The wings of butterflies are so cleverly painted that they can not be admired.

You will need:

• Paper folding pattern “Milfler” 15 x 15 cm
• Paper folding pattern “Flowers” 15 x 15 cm
• Paper folding pattern “lawn” 15 x 15 cm
• Paper for scrapbooking with a pattern “strips and flowers »
• light-green and purple-pink paper from mulberry
• light blue and purple-pink design cardboard texture flax
• wooden clothespins 7 cm long
• light green, light blue, purple, pink and white high-gloss acrylic paint
• pale blue and olive beads of polished glass 4 mm
• the silver wire diameter of 0.6 mm, a length of each segment to 14 cm
• stamp for cutting motif “Circle” with a diameter of 1.6 cm
• stamps with the motif of “Flower” in diameter 1.6 and 2.6 cm
• adhesive double-sided pads
• scissors
• tape
• transparent superglue
• punch
• wooden skewers
• brush number 6
• pliers


For the butterflies to lay down various types of decorative paper according to the model photo or randomly, as desired. Motives for butterflies in the journal translated into a thin cardboard, pre respectively increasing, then cut. Templates apply to put together a decorative sheets, tape and cut the lock. Each butterfly consists of three different layers of paper of different sizes. With the help of cutting dies for the corresponding paper-cut flowers. Each butterfly will need 1 small and 1 large flower. To cut the pistil to use a conventional office punch.


Wooden clothespins paint in green, light blue and purple-pink color. After drying wooden skewer white acrylic paint to put the point.


Cut butterfly body glue, with start from the smallest body with a pair of wings. Then, using double-sided adhesive pads to stick to the body two flowers. Additionally, randomly distributed, pasted on the plain areas of butterfly wings individual flowers and small circles.


A silver wire bent in the middle, strung on wire ends of two glass beads, the ends of the wire with pliers to bend into a ring. After that butterflies pasted on wooden pegs, with the stick as wire antennae. At the end of “plant” the beautiful butterflies, painted in pink thread.