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Mimosas from foamirana

In this master class you will learn how to make mimosa foamirana of your hands and the balls of foam, the description will be a step by step photos. Hack is very simple in execution, but the process is very exciting, the result of which you are sure will please

The following materials are needed to create mimosa:

• foam with large balls;
• Floral or thin wire;
• semolina;
• PVA glue;
• brush to paint;
• Any yellow dye;
• a sponge;
• Green foamiran;
• scissors;
• awl;
• cardboard template;
• teip-green ribbon;
• glue gun.

The foam should be taken with large balls, as with fine will be very difficult to work with, and they will look unrealistic. Parse a small piece in the solid balls.

The wire was cut into pieces 6-7 cm in length and strung one at each ball. If this is done very carefully, the wire should not go beyond the top of the ball, and stay inside. Because the ball will simply slide along the wire. Suddenly, so still left, it is better to take the new ball. Such preparations do as much as possible.

Pour PVA glue in a saucer or other container and enveloping the ball on the wire first in glue and then semolina. The glue should touch a little wire to secure the ball after drying. All branches inserted into the foam sponge and give dry.

Once dry, paint the each ball in yellow color with a brush. The paint, in this case, must not be thick.

Now you need to prepare a template for foliage. Drawing on cardboard normal leaf absolutely any length and width, and then draws the hands of such branches, as shown below. Contours of this pattern on a green Thomas and cut three times.
It is necessary to make a notch on each branch if the fringe.

Glue the wire exactly in the middle of each sheet, leaving a long end. Fringe need to twist your fingers so that it becomes more lush and bulk.

After the yellow balls have dried properly, we collect them in a chaotic bundle and wrapped teip-tape. We join them twigs and wrapped with a tape to the end.

Just like that, you can do pretty sprigs of mimosa foamirana and foam.

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