Craft Decoration Knitting


You will need to manufacture a bouquet of mimosa:

– thread yellow knitting than fluffier the better, usually the strands with a high content of acrylic
– wire
– crinkled green paper
– double-sided green paper
– skewers wooden long
– PVA glue,
– scissors .

As shown in the photo yellow thread pulls on a pair of scissors, and then move them slightly by the end of the blade and passed through a coil of wire. Firmly tighten the loop of wire cut obtained loops on both sides. These pompons and fluffs his fingers with scissors attach to it a neat rounded shape. It is desirable to make the diameter of the ball is less than 15 millimeters.

Thereby preparing 5-10 pompons collect them into a single twig. Sprigs of any winding elastic material – thread, yarn, ribbons, in this case, strips of green crepe paper. Cut into the corrugated paper on a strip of 15 mm width, start winding the wire, pre-fixing adhesive paper straw at the base of the ball. Alternately attaching pompons rest wrapped in a spiral paper tape and. The end of the band in the same fix with glue.

For the manufacture of mimosa leaves chopped green two-way paper into strips 30 mm wide, and cut into one side fringe. Fixing adhesive strip on the tip of the wooden skewers and a wire winding it in a spiral. The tip of the anchoring strips of paper and glue.

Putting it in a bouquet of branches with pompons and leaves and put in a vase. Homemade bouquet of mimosa thread ready for March 8!