Craft Decoration Recycled products


Interesting design and gift solutions in the form of Vaz, with their own hands. This is the power of everyone, without exception, very exciting. What else do boring evenings, sit not, fantasize any form.

We need:
– ordinary cardboard boxes
– a basin of water and a sponge or cloth
– universal glue
– scissors
– ruler and pencil
– spray paint the color of gold

Take the carton, parse it, and sprinkle the top layer of water.

Wet it, carefully remove this layer will go to the production of leaves and flowers.

Once dries corrugated layer, turn it glue tube, pleated side out.

Here is what you should have

Measure out the strips and cut them.

Decorate the finished vase roses and leaves made from a layer which is removed before.

Ready to be painted vase. Paint spray paint – spray, dry, and your gift is ready. Vases can be used for artificial flowers and dried flowers, as well as for living by putting into a plastic bottle with water.

Good luck, I hope that someone will like it.