How to make butterfly from fabric

Pre-prepared fabric. The impregnated gelatin. Then, draw the shape of the wings which I liked, pass them onto the fabric

Here’s what I got.

On the wings pasting cut wire, pre-plastered her thin paper. Clay is best to use high-quality water-resistant PVA. here I have seen a little bottle.

And then the course is your imagination for.Etot the glue I was a little a little water to breed does not dry quickly and draw curls spilling’s such sequins. I draw the usual skewer on the tip sharpened.

That’s the way I’m doing the middle of a butterfly. That is the trunk.

So I look after my wings of art …

The wings and the body I glue heating glue

So look my butterfly.

It Wrong side of the work …

Here’s another option. Another form of wings …

Be creative their butterflies. I think it suffices to show the details of how to create them myself. And you turn your fantasies. And perfection. Good luck …