Craft Decoration


How can you pass this beauty? I was just fascinated by the incomparable master-class and especially the fact that as a result, it has turned out. And as you notice yourself – from almost nothing …

Height 10cm, width 14cm

The base paper for business cards. Roses from office paper, 5mm wide strips. Halves foam balls. Small white flowers – shaped punch. Leaflets are cut by hand.

1) With the tool, I think everything is clear.

2) PVA glue, sold in building a mage. Very thick and fast sticks together, if desired, can be diluted with water.


3) Large circles (CD disk size) 1 piece of drawing paper, paper for business cards 3pc (in fact it is in a strip and pearl); average size – 2 pieces of poster board and 1pc paper for business cards; small size – 2 pieces of Whatman paper for business cards and 1pc.

4) The length of the strips, depending on the diameter of the round billet, strip width – height depends on the tier.

In this case, the height of the tiers of the cake 3cm, then:

a ) This item folded – Measure out 3 cm + 3 cm

b ) and in ) – the two halves of the lower layer, too, folded, measured on the two strips 1.5 cm + 1.5 cm + 1 cm on the seam allowance.

g ) My wide format paper, so I had the one bar on two levels, it i17sm 27cm length and width of 1 cm + 3 cm + 1 cm

Perform creasing along fold lines, I do it like this: I spend needle under the line on marked lines.

1) Bend strips all along fold lines.

2) strips used and in the incision on one side of the allowance in 1 cm strip of g on both sides.

In order not to twist arms, it is more convenient to make an incision, first in one direction and then in the opposite.

I started with the middle tier.

1) Take a strip of g and the range of Whatman paper (draft) average diameter. Contours of the strip around the circle, note the docking place, give allowance for bonding.

3) Cut a small hole (possible after bonding)

4) Details of glue.

Take the second round of the drawing paper, we pushed him inside, smear glue and through the hole put him in his place.

The upper part of the smeared glue and glue the circle of the “smart” paper.

For the second tier Do the same “dancing with a tambourine.”

Go to the bottom tier – box.

Take the strips and b and in, glue on fold glue should be very good with a minimal number of CMV adhesive as a whole.

Strips to dry to a box not led.

As a result, you should get 3 cm wide strip; two strips of 1.5 cm from the teeth.

The strips used, and in the line with circles as shown above. Pay attention to the right and wrong sides of round parts.

Take the strip and are inserted into one of the resulting parts, try on, note glue.

The remaining two parts of the round form – “elegant” sticking to the top, from the bottom of the paper.

Putting tiers. ALL.