Craft Decoration Flower making

Flowers in thread

The flowers are very beautiful and make them their own hands is not difficult. Crafts can do with your child, it is like.

What we need:
Threads of white and green colors, Stationery glue, large needle, fingertips, wire, ribbon green glue gun.

Getting Started:
Nadu fingertips, create small balls, they will be tying up properly and cut off the ends of the thread

Coil put in a glass jar to a thread from it unwinds easily and freely. The end of the filament is threaded a needle and pierce it with a bottle of glue Stationery. A needle will remove it, we no longer need. Several times pro denim thread forward, backward, make sure it is easy to pass through the hole.

Then take the left-hand air Shamrock and begin winding it soaked in glue – do cook.

Wet and dry the cocoa after drying thereof fingertip. Carefully puncture it with a needle and through.Vote and ready our delicate, weightless product.

Cocoon mode with an asterisk

Each petal turns down outside. The edges of the petals paste narrow lace.

Cut sepals.
PS To create leaves and sepals using a pre-prepared plate. Its production of I described earlier, but I repeat: in the plastic wrap in order spread segments green next and lubricate them with glue. Top cover film and presses the press. After drying, remove the film and the resulting fabric use for other purposes.

Glue to the sepals buds with an adhesive.

For the manufacture of wire and use the stalks green lens.Plot winding wire ribbon obtains beautiful flower spike.

But as to create a bouquet us enough ready to flower stalks using adhesive.

Here is a beautiful bouquet of snowdrops bloomed in my house.