Craft Decoration

Fairytale mushroom house

Fairytale mushroom house

Plaster, water, a bottle of milk, Stationery knife, deep bowl for , stand on a flower pot.

I cut off a bottle to a height of 13 cm.
divorced gypsum with water to the consistency of sour cream, half-filled in the form and put in the empty box package.

After 5-7 minutes. I pull out a box and polyethylene.

It is necessary to free the legs shape of the bottle: Stationery knife makes an incision on the bottle and pulls it on the bias.

Here’s a turned leg, and inside it is hollow, in order to make it easier was.

Now you need to make a hat, I took not very deep bowl diameter 13cm. a bed on top of the package to better accrue to the ISU, and so do we have a beautiful texture.

She poured gypsum and in the center put a little leg it in plaster.

As soon as the plaster will seize (in about 7 min.) Need to get all of the fungi from the mold and remove the polyethylene, get a nice texture hats.

Now need clearing: the cradle of the flower pot (. 15 cm in diameter) is necessary to lay polyethylene.

Then pour the plaster and lay a polyethylene again.

Now you need to put the fungus over so that the front room left over, and do not press down strongly. Hold for a few minutes and remove fungus

Here’s what happened.

Then get a clearing of the form, free from polyethylene and immediately need to be taken for the stone path until the plaster is not yet completely dry. You can paint the stones with a toothpick, or if the plaster is already hard you’ll have to cut a knife Stationery (he is very sharp)

Garbage clean stiff brush.

On the other hand cut stone walkway door.

For window needed a circle of paper (diameter 2,8sm.). Stroke his Stationery knife.

Then make vertical and horizontal cuts in the window.
That fungus is ready. I had to paint in gouache (but it is better to use acrylic paints for decoration, but also can be used for coloring pigment concentrate emulsion, oil and other inks (dye)) covered with lacquer. Decorate grass bead.

For the grass began to weave the three loops, a little twisted, and again three loops, etc.

These are the details of grass turned, then I wove them one after the other in one taped along the edge of the clearing.

And it looks like this. And in the middle of a clearing, I stick to the lacquer decorative stones (but they can not be seen if there is a fungus)

She started to weave, one bead below another, and another, followed by a loop of 5 pink beads, just below the green loop, even lower have two one base, well then you can and four loops. And such small branches (5-6sht.) Get one good branch.

The fungus can be put into the clearing (it is removable), and you can also hide something under it.
And another small detail – a flashlight at the door; this lantern and I pasted a large glass bead.

That mushroom in full glory.