Craft Embroidery Flower making

Embroidery for ribbons: Sunflowers Organza

Here are a bright summer panels can be a great gift to your friends and colleagues!

  • Organza (width 4 cm) in two colors for the flower and leaves,
  • satin ribbon (width 1 cm) green for the stem and calyx,
  • satin ribbon (width 0.3 cm) of two colors for the flower core
  • cloth or canvas,
  • thread.
    Make the cut at an angle, burn.

Sew on the shear, bend at right angles to the tape and sew along the fold.

For each stitch the fold.

Gradually stitched.

The core ribbon embroidered stitch staggered.

Sew the petals to the tissue around the core.

This kind of work from the inside out (so you can seal the core).